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Sharon Shulby of Magnadolz Ragdolls
CH Blossom Linum BlueSage of Magnadolz

RW SGC Calirags Billie Jean of Magnadolz, RW SGC Black Doll Angelic Theresa CZ/FI,
RW SGC WillowTreeRags Sylbr8 of Magnadolz and RW DGC Razldazldolls PrplMgnm of Magnadolz

Photo by Helmi

Exciting note for 2019:

Billie Jean was #7 Ragdoll TICA International 2013-2014 as a 2 year old.
She is now back in the show ring as an Alter, and will be 7 years old on September 25, 2019

Exciting note for 2015:

MAGNADOLZ is the SW Region 2015!

Magnadolz is a small cattery in Manhattan Beach, California. The cattery is in our beautiful home, near the Pacific Ocean, and I am the owner and operator and assisted by my two sons, Doug and Joey.

I and my late husband, Douglas, bred Rottweilers from 1986 to 2006, and in February 2008, I adopted a kitten, “CC,” from the ASPCA and fell in love all over again. A few months later, I got my first Ragdoll cat, Gregory. I thought he was so sweet, docile and adoring, and with a lot of research, I discovered that he wasn’t unique… And learned that was what a Ragdoll was all about.

I wanted to become a part of this world, and I went on a quest to learn all that I could about these magnificent cats, and the breed standards, so I could enhance the breed. I wanted to give back to the breed that has given me and my sons SO much.

Here is a view of our TICA YearBook Pages from 2014 & 2015

My mission statement is HONOR:

Honor these lovely cats, who are so devoted, so docile, and even come when they are called, wait by the door for your return, want to be in your lap, and insist on being with the family,

Honor my late husband and our sons, to teach by example that “my word is my bond,”

Honor my friends, my colleagues who have trusted me with their cats, so that I could start my breeding program,

Honor all of the people who have given me advise about cats along the way,

Honor those with whom I come into contact with every day, so that I am honest and truthful with all.

All of my cats live in my home and have the run of the house. I do not cage my cats, except at shows. Each cat has their teeth and coat brushed every day, and there is no cat box odor in my home, as all litter boxes are cleaned three times a day. Guests in my home comment on how friendly and social the cats are, as the cats wind around the legs of guests to greet them and say, “Welcome!”

I use Royal Canin feline food products ordered through Chewy.com for the Cattery, for all stages of Magnadolz Ragdolls Cats & Kittens lives. Once kittens are weaned, they are fed Baby Cat Formula up to 4 months, and after that, are fed Kitten Formula until 12 months. Once they become an adult at a year old, they enjoy Royal Canin Ragdoll Adult Formula cat food since the Ragdoll formula was introduced in August 2013.

Magnadolz Ragdolls is proud to recommend & to be a Key Opinion Leader for Royal Canin products for all of our cats. Whether Champions, or Alters, Ragdoll or Rescue, Queen, kitten or Babycat. As I like to say “you can have the most genetically purrfect cat, but, they’re like athletes…if you give an athlete a diet of garbage, he won’t be an athlete for very long!”

Here’s a link to see the Spotlight Video from Petco for our Royal Canin Commerical!


…and now, we welcome you to our world of Magnadolz Ragdolls and we thank you for coming…

We look forward to hearing from you.