September 2019

Billie Jean is now back in the show ring as an Alter, and will be 7 years old on September 25, 2019
She was #7 Ragdoll TICA International 2013-2014 as a 2 year old.

November, 2014

Sylbr8 and Bella’s litters will be in Arcadia, California on November 15-16, 2014 at the TICA show.  Sylbr8’s litter of 6  will all be competing for the first time. Sylbr8’s 6 and Bella’s 5 kittens will be in a litter evaluation on Sunday.  A litter evaluation is where a judge looks at every kitten and tells you their good and bad points. It gives the breeders a second opinion as to what kittens are suitable for breeding/show cats, and more expensive, and which cats should be desexed and sold as pet quality. Most shows do not offer the litter evaluation,  but I’m thankful to Alex Chisholm,  who is the TICA SW regional director, for having this at the show. The show is at the Masonic Lodge 50 Duarte, Arcadia, Ca’

October 15, 2014

Congratulations to RW DGC Razldazldolls PrplMgnm of Magnadolz & RW SGC Black Doll Angelic Theresa CZ/Fi on the birth of their litter!

October, 2014

The Team Magnadolz did the Royal Canin RD commercial for Petco! ALL of my cats,  kittens, alters, Ragdolls, Queens and baby kittens are Royal Canin cats…it’s what I recommend as a breeder of Championship Ragdolls. I really do love their food and how my cats look and how healthy they are!

As I stated in the commercial and firmly believe “you can have the most genetically purrfect cat, but, they’re like athletes…if you give an athlete a diet of garbage, he won’t be an athlete for very long.”.

Magnadolz Ragdolls is proud to recommend Royal Canin products for all of our cats. Whether Champions, or Alters, Ragdoll or Rescue, Queen, kitten or Babycat..”

Here’s  our Petco Royal Canin Commercial:

August 2, 2014

Congratulations to Echoglen Bella Donna of Magnadolz & Ch Calirags Blue Blue Electric Blue Of Magnadolz on the birth of their litter!

July 10, 2014

Congratulations to QGC WillowTreeRags Sylbr8 of Magnadolz & RW SGC Black Doll Angelic Theresa CZ/Fi on the birth of their litter!

April, 2014

So excited to announce that at the Pet Expo taking place at the Orange County Fairgrounds, CA in April, Royal Canin has requested an interview! I am so thrilled for this honor and recognition as I have been a staunch believer in their Feline Food Products. This is the only product that I feed to my Ragdolls from birth with the Kitten formulas, to Adulthood with their Ragdoll Specific formula, since being introduced in August 2013. Not to mention their Mother & babycat formula for pregnant and lactating Queens and kittens from weaning to 4 months of age.